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Piano Refinishing Explained

How To Refinish Your Own Piano
Here is a summary of my piano refinishing manual.
You may download it today and have Immediate Access to,

"How To Refinish Your Own Piano".

Chapter 1 - Take The Cabinet Apart

This chapter deals with the very important steps required for taking your piano apart for piano refinishing. I have included a special chapter on taking a Grand Piano apart. Many professional re-finishers don't follow these steps properly and they often have to call a technician to help them get the piano back together again so that it works properly.

This chapter is a must, if you are going to do your own piano refinishing.

Also included in this chapter are plans to build your own piano tilter. One person can easily tilt a piano over on its back so the pedals can be removed. It is also much easier to work on the sides of the piano when it is on the tilter. This tilter is my own personal design included FREE.

Chapter 2 - Strip The Old Finish

This is the most unpleasant part of the piano refinishing job. It is very messy and you have to work with hazardous materials. I have revealed guidelines here to make the job as easy and safe as possible.

I have also included easy FREE plans for building your own stripping tank.

Chapter 3 - Sand & Repair Damage

This all-important part of piano refinishing is covered in detail so that you get the most satisfying results without damaging the veneer.

Chapter 4 - Stain To Desired Color

Choosing the right stain can be a real challenge with the many varieties on the market, all claiming to be the best. In this chapter I discuss the various types of stain and how to choose the one that will work the best in your own situation.

Chapter 5 - Seal With Shellac

You must not miss this chapter! Many refinish jobs have come to grief when this step is not followed. It is no fun having to start all over again after you have just put on your final coat of finish! In this chapter I reveal the peculiar problems that can be encountered in refinishing pianos and how to avoid disaster.

Chapter 6 - Apply Sanding Sealer

What is sanding sealer? Do I need to use it? Do I need to fill the pores of the wood? What is the difference between an "open" and a "closed" grain finish?

I have uncovered the answers to these important questions in this chapter. There is no mystery to obtaining a good finish job if you just have some basic knowledge about wood and finishing products.

Chapter 7 - Apply Finish

There are only two basic types of finish for you to choose from. I explain the difference between them as well as the proper procedure for applying different finishes.

Chapter 8 - Hand Rub To Desired Sheen

This is called "Finishing The Finish". This is what makes the difference between a quality finish and one that is nothing special. Include this step in your finishing schedule and listen to all the compliments you will get for a "professional" job!

Chapter 9 - Polish Hardware

Usually the hardware on a piano can be polished up to look like new again. It all helps to give your work a very professional appearance. It is worth while taking the time to make everything nice and shiny!

Chapter 10 - Assemble Cabinet

Putting the piano back together again will take the better part of a day. Take your time and be careful not to damage the finish in the process! I have included some helpful hints on how to manage this part without spoiling your hard work.

I have also included instructions for...

Cleaning and Polishing an Ivory Keyboard.


Links To Other Piano Resources

Frequently in refinishing a piano you will find the need for some piano parts and supplies. These have often been difficult for the "non-professional" to obtain. I have provided links here to various sources for practically anything you may require.

Click here for more information on piano refinishing.

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